Friday, October 15, 2004

Villa, O'Leary and Le Bob

Well, back again, after some term of absence to say the least. So far this season we have :-

- Beaten Manure with kids
- Stayed unbeaten for 48 games
- Managed to get 3 players, including a midfielder onto the scoring charts
- Bought Manuel Almunia from Celta Vigo
- Cesc Fabregas (enough said)
- Kept Paddy Vieira

Quite a productive start to the season already!

Villa tommorow, and that always reminds me of one thing. Le Bob and O'Leary's minor ''scuffle'' a few seasons ago. It was the end of a gruelling match against the brummies (which I think we drew 1-1) and at the end D'Artagnan was moaning at the ref. O'Leary blew a kiss at him being the shit infested little pandejo that he is. Bobby's return was absolute class. He called him ''poutain'' which translated means ''whore''. Nice one Bobby. In the return game the next year, it was 3-1 to the arse, and O'Leary was the John McEnroe this time. Pires blew him a kiss and O'Leary trying to be smart and show off his amazing French, called him a ''poulet'' which means, wait for it ''chicken''.

What an asshole.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Will Le Boss put ''Pen to Paper''?

Well, its that time again. End of the season, a few people in there, a lot going out there, and contracts. Last season it was all about Le Bob and Paddy, and whether or not they were going to sign new contracts. This season it is the Boss himself.

Now don't worry, he will sign. Really. Look at the evidence. Last season he practically begs for two of his best players to sign new contracts, he has brought in a lot of players for the future recently (Cesc, Clichy, Lupoli, Reyes, van Persie), and the last reason, although not as concretely (is that a word? It is now, my spell checker says so anyway) promising as the first two - he has no reason to move away from Highbury. He works with some of the best players in the world, he can look forward to new talents being groomed in the future, we are moving to a stadium in three years, he.....I could go on forever, but you get my point.

The future, or at least near future of this club relies on us being able to hold on to the best things about the team, and the club. And lets hope the board can achieve that.

My Woe for Wenger

In football, not only do you require skill, stamina, incredible fitness, etc, but you also require intelligence. Some footballers clearly show this, for example our very own Thierry, but others hide it in amongst themselves without every letting it surface. Others are just plain stupid. A prime example of this is Harry Kewell of Liverpool.

Last year, everybody was certain that he would be joining Arsenal, I even remember speaking of how they had gathered information from a 'reliable'' (bullshit) source confirming that he would announce Arsenal as his choice on some stupid Australian thingy. But that never surfaced. He choose to move to Liverpool. Now look at him. Not only did he have a shitty season because of injury, he had a shitty season because he was surrounded by players that, to be fair, could not play football.

For him to be able to work with these people, he would have to lower himself to their level of play. And he did just that. Now he is stuck there unable to rise again. He did not develop around anybody at Liverpool, and certainly not Gerrard ''Boggly'' Houllier. If he had moved to Arsenal, he would be a star. Possibly on the European stage too.

Recently we have been linked with Ajax's Tunisian right-back Hatem Trabelsi. Now this guy I like. He is class. He has everything required to become a great player. But what will he do? Will he move to Arsenal, be gradually introduced to the Premiership, moving to a club with an unfortunate weakness down the right side of the team? Or will he do a Kewell and move to Newcastle , where his talent will go to waste. I, and many of you Gooners out there I'm sure, hope he makes the right choice.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hey Bobby, what does va va voom mean? I think not!

According to this - - ''va va voom'' has been added to the brits dictionary. I've been informed that it says it on BBC Teletext too, with the line ''..finally answers the Arsenal strikers quest to define its meaning...'' BUT - he does not want to know its meaning. He wants to know the French translation of it.

I've Shit 'em